Thomas Vancoppenolle (°1994, Oudenaarde) is a visual artist residing in Belgium.​
In the works and experiments he has produced over the last years, a feeling of distance or absence has often to always been present. 
While starting off with a more materialistic way of photographing, showing abstracted and grainy photographs of textures and isolated forms, the language he used gradually matured with time. While focussing less on pure abstractions and black and white, gradually changing to color photography, the aspect of grain and the 'destructive' way of treating images remains.
One of the most important aspects of his work, has always been that of not influencing the surrounding or behaviour of his subjects by his own presence.
Talking about subjects however, it hardly occurs that people appear in a direct way.
We see silhouettes, shadows, or humans that are deformed by motion.
Isolated forms.
By not trying to depict or show places that are instantly recognizable, the space for interpretation and intrigue by these non-places grows.

In contrast to a more typical documentary approach there is no specific given theme or story, but rather a visual flow through which the viewers narrate themselves.
Choosing this way of representation, the artist leaves us with a question instead of attempting to give an answer.

2018 – 2019 School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium / KASK, Master degree in Visual Arts, Photography, 
2013 – 2017 School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium / KASK, Bachelor degree in Visual Arts, Photography

Thomas Vancoppenolle's works have been exhibited at the following group exhibitions.

2014 - Zwarter Witter, In De Frigo, Ghent, BE
2015 - De Biënnale van België, In De Ruimte, Ghent, BE
2016- STOFWOLK#1, Hoveniersstraat 64, Ghent, BE
2017 - See You When The Sun Sets East, NEST, Ghent, BE
2017 - STOFWOLK at Chinastraat, Bar Bricolage, Ghent, BE                                     

2019 - GRADUATION at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, BE