I’m Thomas Vancoppenolle (°1994, Oudenaarde), a visual artist based in Ghent, Belgium. My work often explores the notion of a place, and the way in which we perceive and experience emotional qualities of a lanscape on a more personal level. In what ways are we affected by the mental and sensorial qualities of a ‘landscape’ as a phenomena in itself, and how much of ouw own subconscious do we project onto the places that we seek out or encounter throughout our lives?

Through the collection and interconnection of fragmented images of places and landscapes, writings, sounds or sculptural works, I process and mould these questions into auditive and visual works. I want to bring a sense of life or organic energy into an otherwise static experience. Inviting the viewer into a personal dialogue with these temporary places, slowing down in their tracks. How can a work breathe, feel as if it’s still tangible right here and now? Can it have a vivid, felt connection to us and speak to us on a more personal level, mainly through forms and sound?

By not trying to depict or show a place that's instantly recognizable, the space for interpretation and intrigue by these non-places grows. In contrast to a more direct documentary approach, there is no given theme or story, but rather a visual flow through which the viewers guide themselves. In the end, I’m only trying to figure it out for myself as I’m going along, making sense of all these wonderful impressions in this world around and within us.



My works have been exhibited at the following places:

Zwarter-Witter’, In de Frigo, Ghent (BE) (2012)

‘De Biënnale van België’, In de Ruimte, Ghent (BE) (2014), 

STOFWOLK#1’, Hoveniersstraat 64, Ghent (BE) (2016), 

See You When The Sun Sets East’, NEST, Ghent (BE) (2017)

‘STOFWOLK at Chinastraat’, Bar Bricolage, Ghent (BE) (2017), 

GRADUATION, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent (BE) (2019)

Blikkenwerpers’, Broei/Duivelsteen, Ghent (BE) (2022)

I’m also honoured to take part in an upcoming group exhibition ‘Home Cinema presents XXL Dreams’ in february or march at Laak, Den Haag (NL) (2023)



Master degree in Visual Arts, Photography, School of Arts/KASK, Ghent, Belgium (2018 – 2019)

Bachelor degree in Visual Arts, Photography, School of Arts/KASK, Ghent, Belgium (2013 – 2017)